Better late than never! Part 1: Barcelona, London, Bruges, Almere/Amsterdam

Okay so, I had intended on making separate posts for each city, like I did for the first part of the trip… But our last month abroad flew by and the two months (!!!) since we’ve been home have been jam packed! I really want to wrap up with our favourite pictures from each of the places we visited in August, so here’s most of it, minus Berlin (since we spent two weeks there and have lots of photos). I’m hoping that at some point we’ll be able to put together a packing list (and what we wished we’d brought, what we wished we hadn’t brought), our best travel tips, and a total budget for our trip. In the meantime, hopefully we can keep the blog going and cover some of the other stuff going on in our lives. Thanks to all our family and friends who followed along with our journey, and who have been nothing but supportive before we left, while we were away, and of our new ventures since we’ve returned! Continue reading


A weekend in beautiful Valencia

At the end of July we headed to Valencia to escape the heat of Murcia. Well, sort of. It was still hot there, but like a normal amount of hot that is survivable by humans, with a nice ocean breeze. After a month in a place described by its own residents as abnormally hot (“hotter than hell” actually), 30ºC felt gloriously refreshing.

We stayed in an Airbnb, which as it turns out can often be a better deal for us as a couple than staying in a hostel, where we have to pay for two beds in a dorm with shared bathrooms and a (usually) poorly equipped kitchen. We stopped in Valencia on the way to Barcelona, and we were only there for a few days while we sorted out our plan for the next few weeks. But seriously, it is such a beautiful city, full of intriguing little side streets and alleys and with street art around every corner. We spent the loveliest day just walking around the huge market, the old town centre and its surrounding parks, with a stop at Oslo for a delicious vegan lunch. We also checked out the super busy (and not quite swimmable) Malvarrosa Beach. Here are some of our favourite photos! Continue reading

Our budget-friendly guide to 48 hours in Madrid

We love love loved Madrid! We flew there from Copenhagen on June 30th and stayed two nights and almost exactly 48 hours before taking the train to Murcia for the month-long artist residency. We had a great time during our short stay there and felt that we saw quite a bit while keeping it budget-friendly. We thought it might be helpful to break down exactly what we did and how much we spent for anyone who might be interested!

IMG_9774 Continue reading

First impressions of La Cueva (Murcia)

We’re already halfway through our time in Murcia! We’re here because Ryan is doing an artist residency at La Postiza; he’s been doing small oil paintings and has started a mural outside. At the end of the month we’ll head to Valencia for a couple days, then Barcelona until August 7th when we fly to London to meet up with our friends Megan and Sam!

Below are some of our favourite photos covering our first impressions of Murcia, or more accurately, the area outside of Murcia where we live called La Cueva. Continue reading

Copenhagen by bike

A few weeks ago, we parted ways with our Norwegian friends and took the ferry from Kristiansand, Norway to Hirtshals, Denmark. From there we hopped straight on a train for the 6.5 hour journey to Copenhagen. We contemplated taking a quick one hour flight for just a little more money, but instead we opted for a different (and much, much longer) experience with the ferry and train. But in the end, we arrived!IMG_5595

We really like Copenhagen. We spent a week there visiting our friend Elisabeth and biking around the city. People aren’t exaggerating when they say this place is huge on biking. Continue reading

The price of food: From Scandinavia to Spain

It’s crazy how much we’ve seen prices change in just over a month of travel. In our first destination, Norway, a mango costs about 20 kroner (pictured above – about $3 CAD), a single bottle of light beer in the grocery store about $5, about the same for a loaf of bread, $6-8 for a small carton of strawberries, and about $30 for one dish at a restaurant (or two pints of light beer).

By the time we got to Copenhagen, we were so used to the crazy prices in Norway that we started saying “Denmark is so cheap!” Continue reading